Calculations - calculate prices on meals

The calculation module is one of the most popular modules in CalcuEasy.

The calculation module calculates selling price and cost per cover, gross and net of VAT. It adds value to your business because you quickly get insight into whether you take the correct price for your dishes. It also makes your work way easier because you get rid of heavy excel sheets or large ring binders – you get it all together in one intelligent calculation system.

Create calculations on your meals

All your commodities are imported directly into the system. This means that your own prices, names and units from your commodity list are used when creating a calculation.

In the calculation module, you have the option to create basic calculations and calculations. Basic calculations are for example the commodities that are used in a béarnaise sauce. Once you have created a basic calculation, you can include this in the calculation for a main dish. This saves you a lot of time.

For example, if you want to make steak béarnaise, you can with advantage create a basic calculation with the content of a béarnaise sauce.

Then you can create a calculation with all that is going to be in a dish, such as steak béarnaise. Fill in the fields with name, folder and quantity. Then add all the commodities that are in your dish. Once you’ve done that, you get a comprehensive overview of your calculation – total cost, sales price, sales price without VAT, kitchen percentage, conversion factor, sales price per cover and cost per cover.

CalcuEasy can therefore, based on your commodity prices, your kitchen percentage and your calculation, make an estimate of what your steak béarnaise should at least be sold to and what costs you have on the dish.

If you find that your kitchen percentage needs to be changed, you can easily edit it on the left hand side of the system. The same can be done with the selling price.

How to calculate your kitchen percentage

Your commodity prices for the dishes are based on a kitchen percentage. The kitchen percentage indicates the percentage you want each dish to give in profit. It is up to you whether the kitchen percentage or the profit should be high or low and your fixed costs, such as salary and rent, must be included in the kitchen percentage. It is very different how much you want the kitchen percentage to be. It often depends on the company’s expected profit per dish or per evening.

The kitchen percentage is calculated and depends on the calculation method you choose. In CalcuEasy, you can choose whether the kitchen percentage is to be calculated based on coverage or product consumption. Common to both of them is that you have to decide whether you want to include VAT and fixed costs. Based on the selected coverage target or product consumption, VAT rate and any fixed costs, a conversion factor determines the calculation of the kitchen percentage or the advance.

When the kitchen percentage is determined, your calculations show the prices calculated on the basis of the kitchen percentage. It provides a precise and competitive picture of the sales prices of your dishes, so you can be sure that you take the right price for your dishes.

We help you get started with CalcuEasy so you get a reasonable kitchen percentage, set up folders, enter fixed costs and much more.