Compare income and expenses

Do you have an overview of the business costs and income?

In CalcuEasy’s kitchen percentage module, you can record your income and expenses every day, every week, each month or year and get a profitability overview of each month. The kitchen percentage module gives your business value because you constantly have insights into what weeks and months you should make an extra effort to generate more profits.

The kitchen percentage is essential

In CalcuEasy’s kitchen percentage module you can easily enter your current income and expenses. Depending on how often you want to calculate your kitchen percentage, you can easily calculate it and store it in CalcuEasy. You can compare your kitchen percentages and see which months your business delivers the best.


How it works

CalcuEasy’s kitchen percentage module makes it easy for you to enter your daily or weekly income and costs. The module is easy to navigate in. To create a listing, click on the calendar. Here you enter the sales of the week, choose supplier and enter purchase price. The same applies to the turnover of the week. It is up to you how often you enter purchases and sales. This can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. However, we recommend making listings in the calendar once a week to get a full picture.

Once a month you have the opportunity to extract an overview of the month’s kitchen percentage. You press “Create new calculation”. Here you choose the period for which you want the calculation – for example February 1st – 28th. Name the calculation “Status February 2018”. CalcuEasy automatically summarizes all costs and income for the selected period. It is also possible to add your stock value as this is also an important factor when calculating the kitchen percentage. Your new kitchen percentage for the whole month is stored with previously calculated kitchen percentages. You therefore have the opportunity to compare the different kitchen percentages and to get an overview of how your business is doing.

This is why we calculate the kitchen percentage

The kitchen percentage is calculated to check if your business is following the coverage target. In this way, you can always see if your business is on track with your finances. For example, if the business has a goal of holding 65% in coverage/kitchen percentage, but the calculation shows that it is 62%, then you know that an extra effort must be made to achieve the goal. A solution may be to change a little on the calculations or investigate whether it can be cut in fixed costs or something else.