Manage your stocks

In the stock module you can easily keep track of your goods and total stock value.

The warehouse module is popular because it is easy to use, and it saves you and your kitchen staff unexpected amounts of time. For example, take your computer or tablet and make countings immediately in the freezer or cool storage.

In other words, CalcuEasy’s stock module allows you to do what you really like – to cook!

The stock module gives you a better overview

In the stock module you can create your own stocks and build them as they are in the kitchen. Your stocks can be divided into different categories, such as “Restaurant”, “Bar” and “Kitchen”. In each category you can have more subcategories. For example, under the “Kitchen” category you can have “Frozen Meat”, “Frozen Vegetables,” “Chilled-Dairy,” “Dry Ingredients”, etc.

The first time you count the stocks, the items you have in the commodity list must be added to the stock. You do this with a single click by copying the commodities directly into the stocks. When you make stock countings in the future, just add the quantities of the goods. It saves you a lot of time! Your counts from the last time are still in your current countings. For example, if you had five bags of peas in the last count, the five bags of peas also figure in your actual counting. If you still have five bags of peas in stock, you do not need to make a change. It saves you a lot of time!


Send to Bookkeeper

Once you have completed a stock counting, you can use the “Send” feature. It allows you to send your new stock values ​​directly from the storage module to your bookkeeper/accountant. Everything that relates to stocktaking of inventory is thus collected in a single system that you can constantly edit.