Structure your recipes

It’s nice to have insight into all of your recipes

It’s nice to control all your recipes and put them together in one place. Sometimes they can be hard to find because they are unstructured in excel sheets or are in a ring binder and it may take time to flip through the jungle of papers. CalcuEasy now offers a solution where you can create a complete overview of the kitchen’s recipes. Once the recipes are created in CalcuEasy, they are easy to find and you can easily navigate through the recipes with a tablet whilst cooking.

Create unlimited recipes

In the recipe module you can easily create all the recipes you have. It gives an overall overview of all dishes you make in the kitchen. No matter how busy it is in the kitchen, it is easy and quick to find the recipes you want. CalcuEasy has made sure to develop a user-friendly and intuitive recipe module that reduces hours of administrative work.

When you create a recipe in CalcuEasy, you can insert a picture of the dish. Then fill in the fields with “Name”, “Description”, in which “Folder” the recipe should be placed, “Unit” and “Quantity”. When this is completed, you add all the commodities to the dish. All commodities are added from your own commodity lists, which you can always edit and add new commodities to. Once all the commodities are added, it is possible to write a “Procedure”. Then the recipe has been completed and created. You can easily multiply the recipe to the amount/covers as wanted.

Convert recipe for calculation

Do you need to know the cost price and the retail price of your recipe? Then you can easily convert your recipes to calculations. By default, you can convert all your recipes to calculations, and you can edit the kitchen percentage or retail price at any time, and edit them individually. Your recipe is then available in both the recipe module and the calculation module. In both modules, you can print the recipes and calculations.