Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms of use of CalcuEasy.com

Terms of use for Calcueasy.com

Here are the terms of use of CalcuEasy.com

CalcuEasy ApS, Østre Alle 102, 4., 9000 Aalborg, is owned by the Danish companies Per Niels Jørgensen Holding ApS, Rebsdorf & Birkholm Holding ApS, JBK Holding IVS and KSIGH Holding IVS. It is a condition for establishing and using CalcuEasy that you agree to these terms of use in connection with the creation of a submission.

Personal Information

When you register as a user at CalcuEasy.com, your information will subsequently be securely stored by CalcuEasy and will not be disclosed to third parties without the prior consent of you. The purpose of the creation is to enable you to use CalcuEasy’s tools for optimizing your recipes, stocks, costs and incomes, and calculations, including cost and selling prices.

Sensitive information

You may not enter or upload sensitive information such as religion, race, political affairs, union, sexual orientation or health information of your staff at www.calcueasy.com. Such information is not allowed CalcuEasy to register, and if CalcuEasy becomes aware that they exist, they will be deleted.

Protection of personal data and consent to marketing

According to the Personal Data Act, your personal information must be kept safe and confidential. CalcuEasy saves your personal information on limited-access computers that are located in controlled facilities and our security measures are continuously monitored to determine whether our user information is handled properly and still taking into account your rights as a user. Personal information is not disclosed to third parties and they are deleted or anonymized when the purpose for which they were collected terminates. This also applies to imported commodity prices, entered calculations, recipes, stocks, and income and costs. By setting up a user at www.calcueasy.com, you will be asked to consent to CalcuEasy and allows CalcuEasy to send you marketing material by email and sms regarding updates and other new initiatives at www.calcueasy.com. The consent can always be revoked by writing an email to kontakt@calcueasy.com. Marketing consent will be revoked if you say no to targeted marketing by not checking the CookieBot marketing field at www.calcueasy.com.

Understand your information

As a user, you always have the opportunity to view and correct your personal information. This is done by logging in and selecting “organizational settings” under the “settings” section. If you need help, please refer to kontakt@calcueasy.com

Lacking maintenance

CalcuEasy reserves the right to change your entered information or delete your profile if it contains incorrect or illegal information. Your username and password for www.calcueasy.com is strictly personal and may not be disclosed to others unless agreed with CalcuEasy in advance. Passing username/password may result in blocking access to www.calcueasy.com and terminating the agreement.

Prices and terms of payment


We have Pro and Premium subscribers.

Pro subscribers:
The price for a Pro subscription is DKK 499 /month. The customer pays for an annual subscription.

Premium subscribers:
The premium subscription is for enterprises or larger teams. If the you have more than one department, you become a premium subscriber. These are typically chain restaurants, large kitchens, caterers, etc. CalcuEasy customizes the product to the customer’s needs, provides on-site training and much more. An annual subscription price is agreed between the parties.

Additional Services:

Update commodities:

  • 0-300 rows: DKK 1000,- ex. VAT
  • 300-600 rows: DKK 1300,- ex. VAT
  • 600-1000 rows: DKK 1900,- ex. VAT
  • 1000-1500 rows: DKK 2800,- ex. VAT
  • 1500-2100 rows: DKK 4000,- ex. VAT
  • 2100-2800 rows: DKK 5500,- ex. VAT
  • 2800-3600 rows: DKK 7300,- ex. VAT

(“rows” is the number of rows in an excel sheet. One commodity is one row)

Software development price per hour: DKK 750,- ex. VAT

Terms of payment:

CalcuEasy ApS uses Stripe as online payment solution. Stripe approves payments from most payment cards, including: Visa / Dankort, Visa and MasterCard). The payment information security is provided by Stripe (https://stripe.com/uk) and includes secure encryption of card data.

Payment for subscription takes place prior to each subscription period. The amount is automatically deducted via the payment information specified by the customer. Depending on the customer’s choice of subscription, the amount is deducted automatically each month / year.

Once the customer’s specified payment information is confirmed and approved, the applicable amount is deducted immediately. When purchasing a subscription, all prices include 25% VAT.

Receipts for payment are generated immediately after payment (both at the initial purchase and at the renewal of the subscription) and sent to the customer’s mail.

In special cases, it can be agreed that the customer pays subscription via invoicing. CalcuEasy ApS has the right to decide whether or not the costumer pays by invoicing.


  • Monthly invoicing subscription terminated with one month’s notice from the date of termination
  • Subscription with quarterly invoicing is terminated with 3 months notice from notice date
  • Annual invoice subscription terminated with 1 year notice from notice date
  • CalcuEasy’s agreement can always be terminated with 6 months notice
  • Termination must be made in writing to kontakt@calcueasy.comPrepaid subscription is refunded only if it is CalcuEasy that terminates the agreement. When a user profile is terminated, entered information, calculations, recipes, inventory list, etc. will be stored for 3 months, as of the day the user profile is terminated in case the profile must be reopened. After 3 months, information, calculations, etc. are deleted permanently. In addition, the termination rules are referred to in CalcuEasy’s Service Level Agreement.


CalcuEasy cannot be held responsible for any financial loss or loss of data that you may suffer because CalcuEasy modifies or discontinues www.calcueasy.com or if www.calcueasy.com is unavailable for shorter or longer periods of time. CalcuEasy cannot in any way be held responsible for the information contained on the page – whether or not these should be incorrect. Therefore CalcuEasy cannot be held liable for damages or losses directly or indirectly incurred based on the information available at www.calcueasy.com. CalcuEasy encourages you to check these conditions regularly as it may be necessary to change them. This may happen, for example, in connection with changes in our service or changes to the law.

Service level agreement

In addition to the present conditions for using CalcuEasy, refer to CalcuEasy’s Service Level Agreement.

Law and jurisdiction

Any dispute between users of www.calcueasy.com and CalcuEasy must be resolved by the district court in accordance with Danish law.

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