Online calculation system with recipe index, create calculations on food and recipes, basic calculations, stock status, kitchen percentages, and costs and income, all collected in one user-friendly platform for the entire kitchen staff!

  • Healthy economy and operation
  • User-friendly all-in-one solution for the kitchen
  • Overview of expenses and income
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Features in CalcuEasy

CalcuEasy allows you to make calculations, basic calculations, stock counting, recipes, kitchen percentages and much more…

Calculate your costs and sales prices

CalcuEasy’s calculation module calculates the exact cost and sales price of your dishes/ buffets. Prices are deducted from your commodity list, which includes all your purchase prices. In the calculation module you can:

  • Create calculations on dishes, menus and buffets
  • Create basic calculations for basic recipes
  • Convert calculations to recipes
  • Differentiate the kitchen percentage

Read more about the calculation module here

Update stocks

The stock module is designed to keep track of your commodities and quantities. Get an economical insight into your stocks, and easily update the number of commodities during stock counting. Being mobile in your work is essential; therefore you can perform your stock counting on your tablet on the go.

  • Keep track of the stock value
  • Export and send stock listings directly to the bookkeeper
  • Edit the stocks during counting

Read more about stock management here

Develop new recipes

Create your own recipes in CalcuEasy based on your imported commodity list. Gather all your recipes in the system and convert a recipe for a calculation and gain financial insight into the recipe

  • Convert your recipes to calculations
  • Develop recipes considering cost and retail prices
  • Calculate your recipes for multiple covers
  • Add photo and description of the recipe

Read more about the recipe module here

Monitor your costs and income

Keep an overview of your kitchen economy. CalcuEasy helps you keep track of your costs, income and revenue so you can focus on value-added business areas

  • Insert total costs and income of today, the week, the month or the year
  • Create calculations of the total kitchen percentage
  • Get an overview and compare the development of the economy and operations

Read more about financial management here

Easy to get started

Access and setup your own user profile in a few minutes and within a short time you are ready to make your initial calculations, recipes, stock counting and much more

Sharp price

The price is cut into the bone so we are able to help kitchens with limited budgets that want a better economy and gather everything in one place


CalcuEasy is a digital kitchen tool that can be used on the go, for example when stock is to be counted in the freezer compartment. Therefore it is made for both computer and tablet

Value for money

The system gives you insight into your current income and expenses. With CalcuEasy you save both time and money!

Time saving

Avoid ring binders and long excel sheets. With CalcuEasy, you save time that you can use on other important tasks instead


You must be able to use the system yourself even during busy periods. Therefore, CalcuEasy is made as user-friendly and intuitive as possible


Our prices are without any hidden fees!

Per month
  • Includes 50 calculations, recipes or stocks
  • Unlimited logins
  • Try 14 days for free
  • 10% discount on annual payment
  • Purchase units:*
    + 50 calculations, recipes or stocks = 150 kr./md.

(*) Purchase units: Automatically adjusted based on your consumption

Per month
  • Includes 500 calculations, recipes or stocks
  • Unlimited logins
  • Ongoing training
  • Monthly update on commodity prices
  • Try 14 days for free
  • 10% discount on annual payment
  • Purchase units:*
    + 50 calculations, recipes or stocks = 75 kr./md.

(*) Purchase units: Automatically adjusted based on your consumption

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  • More than one account
  • Solution for larger companies



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